Today is an incredibly difficult day for me.

You see, I am sitting on an airplane right now writing this, thousands of miles above the earth and I am flying away from my family.

Granted my penchant for dramatics is rather high, and I’m on an approximately 30-minute flight… to a neighboring island… for work… from which I will return this evening… It’s still TOUGH!

But it is tough because I am so incredibly blessed to have a family that I love so dearly, and that love me in return.

However, at the same time, I also can’t be too ungrateful for the fact that I have the luxury of steady employment and a paycheck that helps to make our lives all the more comfortable.

I realize that there are people all over the world that do not have these simple luxuries.

BUT for many of these people, what they may lack in possessions they make up for in

“laughter, community, affection and support… while certain individuals around the world may not have the luxuries that others may have, they have something that in many ways seems more valuable. They are Family Rich.”

SO while I am on an airplane flying away from my family for a little while, I am SO proud to be wearing my Family Rich T-Shirt.

Family Rich is a fantastic organization that supports the notion that you do not have to be blood related to be family, and that we should all be giving what we can to help others.

And for me, the greatest thing about them is that they donate a portion of every single purchase to a charity that specializes in helping children and families in both the US and abroad!

And of course a close second is how INCREDIBLY soft and comfortable this shirt is!! 🙂 Seriously, it’s like I’m wearing one of Reefs baby blankets!!!

And CUTE. Give me a san serif font and literally any form of ombre and I’m a happy camper!

From their online shop they offer worldwide delivery, accept debit and credit cards, and currently have men, women, and youth tops, as well as headwear and tote accessories.

Please head over and and join them in their goal to:

“Help the world, while placing Pride, Values, Respect and Love to the forefront.”

We can all truly be Family Rich!!

And now as I am just about to land I bid you all a fond Aloha!!


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  1. That’s really cool! Helping families is one of my huge passions, and this sounds awesome. I’d love to know more about the charities that they donate to!

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