Thrifty Decor Challenge: Condo Edition Volume 2

Thrifty Decor Challenge: Condo Edition Volume 2

Hi Everyone!!

We had such a wonderful family weekend unplugged from the world wide web, but I would be lying if I said I didn’t miss writing (especially about my decor challenge), so I am definitely excited to be back!

And even MORE excited to be sharing my second furniture purchase for our Thrifty Decor Challenge!! For those of you who may have missed the first portion of our challenge please take a gander here.


But as a quick refresher the rules are as follows:

I will purchase 1 home decor item per paycheck (once every two weeks)
This item cannot be more than $100.
I will continue to do so until my home is decorated.
Sounds simple enough right??

Well! I invite you to follow along with me (or join me if your own home need some sprucing up!!) and see if this is a task that I can actually accomplish (insert laugh cry emoji) and at the end I hope to give you the grand tour of a fully decorated HOME!

For the second item on this journey I purchased it from… you guessed it!!


(It’s a cheaper version of T.J. Maxx or Marshalls if you can believe it and it basically solves all my problems…)

Anyways, Brad, Victoria, Reef and myself went there this weekend just to do a little browsing after one of our adventures! Now I went in with the hopes of finding an ottoman and here is why…

A few months ago when we purchased our bed frame (which I LOVE) we had to exceed $1,000 to qualify for the no interest payment plan (seriously, no interest for a year? Yes please.) SO we added on an ottoman with storage since we decided it was time to toss the one I got from the Salvation Army a few years ago (and by we, I mean Nathan. Nathan decided it was time)

Anyways, it was scheduled to arrive in 6 weeks as it had to come from the mainland, because it’s Hawaii and some things are just difficult like that. Then we realized the other day that wayyy longer than 6 weeks had gone by and we hadn’t heard a peep from the company!! (Neither of us noticed because we have a baby and that basically excuses all memory related lapses… I also do not want to mention the name of the company because I actually really happen to like them, they generally have great customer service, prices and furniture… and I get it, things fall through the cracks sometimes… in fact the salesman who we worked with also JUST had a baby a few weeks before Reef was born… SO, solidarity!)

Long story short, it’s not coming haha.

Back to Ross.. Saturday evening, went in, found an ottoman/coffee table, realized we didn’t have enough room in the car and decided that I didn’t want to drive all the way back to the store with the KIA to get it. So I clearly didn’t want it that much.

Fast forward to Sunday morning after church and I obviously HAD to have this piece of furniture. So my husband and I ventured over there, and if you read my story about how I finally picked my wedding dress then you know that I am a big believer in, “if it’s meant to be, it will still be there.”

It was.

We win.

Happy ending!!

And here it is!

Please don’t be fooled by its seemingly simple appearance! This ottoman is actually sneaky sneaky!!

My FAVORITE part is that the top flips over and turns this comfy ottoman into a super functional coffee table, killing two birds with one very stylish stone.

(Unnecessary Disclaimer: Aloha Connecticut Girl does not advocate the killing of any number of birds, with any number of stones, stylish or otherwise.)

And it ALSO has plenty of storage inside, which is perfect because we definitely do not have a shortage of beautiful quilts and blankets made and/or given to us by our amazing friends and relatives (I LOVE blankets/quilts/afghans and am kind of a blanket hoarder)


And finally, what may actually be THE best part about it? It was only $90.00… initially… But there happened to be a few small scuffs to the corners of the tray section (which as you can tell by the picture you can literally BARELY see) So I asked the cashier if they would offer a discount.. and they did!! (Seriously, ALWAYS ask for what you want. Worst case scenario, they say no and you are in the exact same position you were in before you asked. Best case… they say yes!)

Final Cost: $75.00

Take that TDC (Thrifty Decor Challenge)!

Please check back in 2 weeks to see what the next piece is that makes its way into our home!!

And if anyone out there is taking part in the challenge and has any furniture they want to share OR has any suggestions on cool or unique places for me to hunt for home decor, please let me know in the comments section below!

Happy Monday!



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