Remembering to Love My Husband

The unwashed clothes were strewn about the floor.

The dishes filled the sink and the trashcan overflowed.

The baby was screaming and the work deadlines were piling up.

Then he looked at her and made a seemingly innocent remark about ordering pizza.

She glared at him so fiercely that if looks could kill… well you get the idea.

“I hate you.” She said it with such fire in her voice that to an outside observer they would question what this man could have possibly done to this woman.

I am ashamed to say that woman, was me. And I have said those words to my husband more times than he deserves. Especially considering, once is too much.

Now don’t get me wrong. He pushes buttons. He knows which ones, he knows the reactions associated with those buttons, and he knows the amount of time it takes for those buttons to initiate an explosive reaction.

Yet, even still, I do not hate my husband. And he does not deserve to hear me say that I do.

I love my husband more than I ever imagined I could. I also know that the rumors are true.

When baby comes, the dynamic between mommy and daddy has a tendency to change.

Emotions run high, solid sleep hours run low, and the once pleasant landscape of home suddenly becomes a mine field.

But then, through the fog, the tears, and the emotions (high and low) things start to come back into focus. And it is at that point that you remember, I LOVE my husband.

I love our baby and our home.

I love our life together.

And at this moment you need to get yourself a sitter and get your butts out for a date.

And that is just what my husband and I did!

Last weekend we went out for our very first big date night since our baby boy was born.

And as I mentioned, I was moderately less than pleasant at times postpartum, so it was very important for me to have a night with my husband where we both remembered to just have fun together the way we did prior to expanding our little family.

Basically, a night to remember to just love each other.

We were of course blessed (as usual) to have Brad and Victoria to babysit. So we pulled out the gift card pile (seriously we have dozens, some dating back to before the wedding!) And planned out our little evening.

First we went and saw a movie. Independence day to be exact. (I’m a sucker for an alien flick.) And although a little piece of me may have died inside when I realized Will Smith would, in fact, NOT be secretly making a cameo in the film, it was still pretty darn good.

We had a really great time! (And we may or may not have snuck some rum into our ICEE’s!)

Next we went to Dave and Busters where I kicked Nathan’s butt in the basketball game. (Seriously, I ALWAYS kick his butt ;)) And he kicked butt at basically every other game there.

And since we have literally 18,000 prize tickets we got Reef a couple stuffed animals so he knew Mommy and Daddy were thinking of him!! (One was a Jurassic Park dinosaur, so we all know Mommy was happy!)

Finally, the perfect end to a perfect date… Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse!!! The place that single handedly made me realize, at 20 years of age, that I don’t hate steak. I LOVE STEAK.

And I will tell you something, when making the reservation we mentioned that it was our first date night out after baby and they were incredible. Ruth’s Chris really and truly knows how to do special occasions right.

They brought us complimentary champagne,

a gorgeous flaming dessert,

AND a $20 gift card for our next visit.

I absolutely recommend going there if you have something to celebrate, enjoy being treated like gold and love a PERFECT steak on a sizzling butter plate.

Then we went home and passed the heck out. Because let’s face it, that was a really big day for two new parents ;).




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