Remembering the Heart in Handmade

Remembering the Heart in Handmade

There was a time when handmade was everywhere.

Clothes, toys, furniture, everything was handmade, hell that was the only option.

As our technology and world expanded, the need for handmade items grew less and less. Mass produced everything took over the world and quality, character and individuality when out the window. (Think McMansions.)

Luckily, I think we now live in a time where people are yearning for the beauty, simplicity and heart that goes into handmade gifts (hello etsy!!) It’s becoming more apparent to people that a handmade gift shows more thought, time and effort than any store bought item ever could.

My little family has been blessed in so many ways, but one of them is definitely knowing some of the most incredible and talented people.

One of these people is my Aunt Pat, she has made my children the most beautiful quilts I’ve ever seen.

The most recent quilt was one she made for baby Roxy. (And if my son hadn’t claimed it as his own and wasn’t sleeping on it right this very minute I would post more pictures! But I will have to do that later…)

And just last week our little Roxy girl received another beautiful handmade gift from another one of the talented women in our lives, Nanny V.

If you don’t know who Nanny V is, please take a look at my post Blessings Disguised as the Parents of my Husbands’ Ex…

Anyways, she made her this beautiful little dress and she looks so incredibly darling in it that I just had to share!!

She looks like such a little Disney Princess in it and I CAN’T EVEN HANDLE THE CUTE!!

Also, since I am complete slacker we are going to call these her 2 month photos. (Even though she is 2 1/2months old… whoops!)

And look at the little bloomers that she made to go with the dress!! (And of course baby toes… because come on… who doesn’t love baby toes!)

Lastly, the words!

She gave her a beautiful handwritten note to go with the dress. And the fabric itself has the most incredible sayings on it. “Teach them to love, teach them to sing… etc..”

I guess the bottom line is, to anyone out there doubting themselves about a handmade gift, don’t.

You have no idea how much your thoughtfulness and time truly mean.

And hopefully we can all remember the heart in handmade.



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