The Moment I Knew that My Husband was “The One” AND HOW IT HAS HELPED SHAPE OUR FAMILY

<span class="entry-title-primary">The Moment I Knew that My Husband was “The One”</span> <span class="entry-subtitle">AND HOW IT HAS HELPED SHAPE OUR FAMILY</span>
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There about are a million memories that have taken it upon themselves to wander right out of my mind since I have become a mom. But the moment that I knew that my husband was the one is not one of those memories.

In fact, I’m pretty sure it is something I will remember for the rest of my life… At least I hope it is.

See I knew from pretty early on that I loved my husband.

And I knew that I could probably see myself spending a good portion of my life with him.

But there was definitely one “aha” moment. The lightbulb turned on, the pieces fit together and I realized that walking up to this man, in that bar, was the best decision I had made in a very long time.

I was pretty sick at the time, I actually had a kidney infection that had landed me in the hospital. (One thing I can say, my husband definitely shines in the caring for a sick Mal department.)

We had been home from the hospital for a few days and we decided to take a shower. (Take your heads up and out of that gutter. It was a PG shower.)

For anyone who knows me in real life, you know that in my mind water basically cures everything so it is generally my happy place.

Anyways, as we were going through the bathing motions, Nathan did something that I swear absolutely took my breath away.

He washed my hair.

I know it may sound stupid, but I promise, it was the most kind, gentle and thoughtful thing anyone had ever done for me.

He shampooed and conditioned my hair.

And then, when we got out, he sat down and brushed my hair for me! (Back when it was a mile long no less!)

He gently brushed out every single tangle and every single knot.

He paid such attention to making sure he did not miss a spot, the determination not to hurt me and the care he put into this act just showed me what a wonderful man he is.

(Under the bad sense of humor and occasionally annoying nature 😉 )

Here was this 6’6″, 220 lb man, cradling my head, washing my hair, tilting my head back and covering my eyes with his hands to keep the soap from running into them.

Painlessly brushing out each small section of hair until it was all silky smooth.

And all I could think was, “This is the man. He will be the one to comb our daughters hair when she gets out of the tub. The one to wash soap out of our sons eyes, and to brush my hair when it has become thin and gray and I can no longer do it myself. He is the one.”

And even to this day, we will generally shower at the same time. It has kind of become our thing over the years.

Even though there have definitely been days where one of us has almost been thrown out because there’s just not enough room!

Or someone has soap in their eyes!

Or someone got elbowed in the stomach!

But on most days it’s just a really great way for us to unwind, relax and spend some time together. We are forced to unplug from all technology and just talk to each other about our day.

We love each other, and it is a really wonderful and simple way to be reminded of that.

And now I get to see how this love has translated over to our son.

When Nathan gives Reef a bath you can see that it is the same labor of love that he bestowed upon me all those years ago.

He is so gentle and so patient with him, and Reef always looks so very tiny in his hands!

But he washes him with so much love and dedication.

I had always hoped that Reef would be a water baby.

Loving the water and splashing around in the bath.

I wanted us to be able to introduce him to water and get him accustomed to it nice and early.

Water is such an important part of our lives here and I knew that this would be something that would bond us all even more.

So the fact that Reef will lay back and pretty much do the backstroke while he’s in the bathtub just fills my heart with so much joy.

Now it is very rare that only one of us will give Reef a bath. (Granted he’s huge and its tough for me to lift him around on my own 😉 )

It is something that we do together as partners.

Something that we, as a family, enjoy.

And Reef loves it, so that makes it all the more fun!

We have not had to introduce too many toys into the bathtub, which has made any space issue ok, thus far.

But Reef definitely has one that he loves which helps enhance our bath time routine!

For those of you wondering what that absolutely adorable turtle is!!

It is a Soapsox.

A stuffed animal, that is also a washcloth, that also holds your soap!

It’s seriously so cute and Reef loves it so much. He holds it and he plays with it, both in and out, of the bathtub.

One of my favorite things about it, it is multi functioning as both a washcloth and a bath toy.

AND it is not made of that typical bath toy plastic that for some reason just calls the mold to it no matter what you do!! (HUGE plus for me)

On top of that, we’ve taken it to the beach before with the soap in it.

It helps us not have to worry about the soap getting all gross and we can use it at the showers to wash him off after a dip in the ocean.

It is basically a stuffed animal for him to love on when it is dry and of course the best part is that it’s a turtle! Taylor the Turtle to be exact. And they have an entire line of different adorable animals (they even have a shark!)

The reason I picked the turtle is because of what a huge part of Hawaii they are. I really wanted him to begin associating turtles (honu) with the water. And then one day he will be in the ocean, look down, and see one! And to me that’s just incredible.

If anyone would like to purchase one (they make awesome baby shower gifts!) I have a discount code for you.

Please use the code ALOHACTGIRL at checkout to receive 20% off your purchase. 🙂

AND we are hosting a giveaway over on my instagram page. So please stay tuned on how to enter!

Thanks for reading all about the moment I knew my husband was the one and how it has directly translated into our loving little family!!



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