Why I Won’t Let My Mom Hair Define Me My Fantasy Hair Review

<span class="entry-title-primary">Why I Won’t Let My Mom Hair Define Me</span> <span class="entry-subtitle">My Fantasy Hair Review</span>

There is a pretty long standing joke among women about the “mom haircut”. (Mom hair, mom cut, mom do… you get the idea…) Some men may even be aware of this joke, especially now that Saturday Night Live has done a (pretty hilarious) skit about it. Basically, the general idea is, you could have the most gorgeous flowing locks imaginable, but once you become a mom, you WILL cut it. All of it. And in a fairly specific style.

Now I am not gonna lie, there may be some serious truth to this theory. And I MAY have cut all of my hair off approximately 2 months after my little man was born. BUT I refuse to let my “mom hair”  define me. Why? Well the short answer… because I have never let any of my dozens of hairstyles define me before… so why would I start now?

For anyone who has known me for a significant amount of time you know that you can always count on me to get bored, impulsive, and brave when it comes to my hair. The fact of the matter is, I have been drastically altering the appearance of my hair since I was teenager.

So much in fact, that I know it takes one full head color and 3 full highlight sessions to get my hair back to the blonde I love after dying it black.

AND it takes 3 full years to grow it back to the length I love after cutting it up to my ears. (Seriously, this has been a never ending cycle!!)

If you don’t believe me, just watch this funny little video I put together of the many hair styles of a perpetually indecisive Mal.

So as you can see, me cutting my hair after Reef joined us wasn’t so much about me becoming a mom, but more about me just being me.

The one big difference that I did note this time, however, was a complete lack of the 3 day remorse that usually comes with such a drastic change.

At this point in my life it seems that I just like my hair.

I like it long, short, straight, wavy, brown, black, red, or blonde. It doesn’t really matter!

NOW, while I really do LOVE my hair short, I am under no illusions that it isn’t a bit limiting in the style department. Basically, at the current time, my options are straight or wavy.

Which, for my day to day life, is perfectly fine. BUT there are definitely some occasions (date night, reunion, work function, etc.) where you want to do just a little more with your hair.

Well, I am finally at the point in my life where I can have the best of both worlds.

Have you guessed what I’m talking about yettttt?


I have ALWAYS wanted extensions. Long hair, short hair, doesn’t matter. It is something I have always wanted and for the first time in my life I have a quality set and I am STOKED! (I did get a pretty crappy set in college that was just one giant piece that you clipped across your entire head that looked fairly ridiculous, but that doesn’t count haha!)

This set is from a company called My Fantasy Hair and they are honestly incredible.

They consist of 10 individual clip in pieces (in various sizes) so it makes fitting them to your specific head/hairstyle a breeze.

From start to finish it took me about 45 minutes to put them in, and that INCLUDED straightening my hair. Not to mention it was the very first time that I put them in!

(Please disregard my lack of makeup and insanely dirty mirror in the following pictures. I was clearly WAY too excited to be bothered by such things. 😉 )

Now as you saw in the pictures above, the back of my hair is still REALLY short. So for now, the best way for me to wear them is in a braid or an updo. But again, that is only for now. I know that once my hair grows just a little bit longer I will be able to style them any way that I like.

They have a really great tutorial on their website and one comes with the kit itself.

It also comes with a set of shampoo, conditioner, a hair hanger, and a garment storage bag.

Another great thing about them is they come in a fantastic range of colors and they are honestly really affordable. (Especially considering the price of extensions you would get at a salon which are very time sensitive.)

AND the best part? I have teamed up with them and they are offering a 5% discount to anyone who uses the code ALOHA at checkout! (If anyone has any questions about anything involving the extensions please don’t hesitate to ask!!)

They have allowed me to have the everyday convenience of my “mom hair” and still have fun and feel wonderfully fancy when I want!! Seriously, give them a try. Two thumbs way, way up from this Mama. Happy Fri-Yay!! 🙂



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