Welcome to Week 5 of our Summer Activities List!!!

I truly cannot believe how quickly the summer is flying by!!

In case you missed our first four adventures, please check them out here:

  1. Aquarium
  2. Farmers Market
  3. Buddhist Temple
  4. Polo

And for those of you just joining us… Summer is upon us! And as a former nanny and new mommy I know what an exciting, special and sometimes terrifying time this can be.

How in the world are you going to occupy your little ones for an entire summer??

And better yet, how are you going to do it without wanting to throw yourself on the ground and let out a cry that would rival only the most evil of children, Caillou. (I’m sorry but I know I’m not alone here, that kid is kind of the devil.)

Let’s face it, there are adult-summer-activities, and there are children’s-summer-activities.

But then, somewhere in a Magical-World-of-Harry Potter-esque middle ground, there are a group of activities that both you AND your little ones will love to do. And I’m here to help you find them!! So I will post 1 activity per week in this little segment, to run through-out the summer.

I seriously can’t believe we are at the end of July!! Time flies far too quickly for my liking. But at least we are having fun!!

This week is another really fun, unique, and super cost effective activity that takes place during the summer.



This week Reef, Nathan. Myself, Brad and Victoria went to a wonderful little concert held at the Honolulu Zoo after hours in the evening. Well, technically Nathan and I only made it for about 15 minutes of the concert since we didn’t leave our house until 5:00pm and had to stop and get food… and gas… and try and find a parking spot… and use the rest room… and etc etc etc!! However! Even being there for only 15 minutes was an incredibly fun time! And once again Brad and Victoria introduced me to a brand new activity that is so prevalent on this island, but something that I decided not to pay any attention to.

Until now!

And again, as usual, they invited us to come and partake in their fun activity with the little man (and Nathan got to come with us too this time!)

We really had a great time. Again, I’m not entirely sure on the numbers here, but I typed in Summer Concert  at the Zoo into Google and a bunch of sites came up!

If you can find one in your area I highly recommend you go and here’s why:

  1. Outdoors– Again! It’s a great way to get the kids OUTSIDE. In Honolulu specifically there is a great big lawn area in the middle of the Zoo that the stage is on. People start getting spots as early as four pm and the music starts around 5. And as far as I could  tell you can wander around and look at the animals (at least the ones in the vicinity closest to the lawn area. Which is nice as well! If the kids get tired of the music you can go for a little stroll.
  2. Its cheap! The tickets are only 3 dollars per person!! That is amazing!!
  3. There is a different band every week! This allows you to expose your kids to a great range of different music and hopefully cultures as well!
  4. And finally it is LITERALLY fun for all ages! Teeny tiny babies like my bub, all the way up to “adults” like me can take something away from this. It is a nice way to get outside, they also have little vendor booths selling anything from clothing to jewelry to food! And  the music is great!!

As a side note, be sure to bring a blanket and chairs and possibly pack some snacks if you don’t plan on purchasing food there.

I would also highly recommend arriving early no matter what state you are in just in case parking is an issue, or getting a good spot is tough!

And now I will leave you with a slightly less obscene amount of pictures than normal… But as I said.. we were only there for 15 minutes!! 🙂



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