Kids Activities in Hawaii THE SANDBAR

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Kids Activities in Hawaii

Welcome to Week 6 of our Summer Activities List or Kids Activities in Hawaii!!

Unfortunately, we skipped last week due to an action packed schedule!! (Sorry! We will try to make it up with two posts this week ūüôā )

I truly cannot believe how quickly the summer is flying by!! And especially considering our saving graces Brad and Victoria are leaving this week! ūüôĀ ¬†(I am in a weird sort of denial about it but I’m sure I’ll have a slight breakdown on Thursday)

So, in case you missed our first five adventures, please check them out here:

  1. Aquarium
  2. Farmers Market
  3. Buddhist Temple
  4. Polo
  5. Nighttime Concert at the Zoo

And for those of you who might just be joining us… Summer is WELL upon us! And as a former nanny and new mommy, I know what an exciting, special and sometimes terrifying time this can be. But the good news is, you have made it (relatively) unscathed and the school year is almost here!

Hopefully, we were able to help you occupy your little ones for an entire summer so far!!

And better yet, hopefully, we helped you do so without wanting to throw yourself on the ground and let out a cry that would rival only the evilest of children, Caillou. (I’m sorry but I know I’m not alone here, that kid is kind of the devil.)

Because let‚Äôs face it, there are adult-summer-activities, and there are children’s-summer-activities.

But then, somewhere in a Magical-World-of-Harry Potter-esque middle ground, there are a group of activities that both you AND your little ones will love to do. And I’m here to help you find them!! So since we have had so much fun so far, I will continue to post 1 activity per week in this little segment, to run through-out the short remainder of the summer.

I seriously can’t believe we are a¬†week into August!! Time flies far too quickly for my liking. But at least we are having some fun!!

This week is another really fun, and unique activity that takes place during the summer. Now, this activity is definitely more Hawaii based, however, I am sure that it can translate very well into other applicable areas!!


THE SANDBAR – Renting a Pontoon Boat

This past weekend Reef, Myself, Brad and Victoria took a trip to (in my humble opinion) one of the most absolutely gorgeous places on this island that we call home.¬†And once¬†again¬†Brad and Victoria introduced me to a brand new activity that is so prevalent on this island but is something that I¬†have never gotten the opportunity to experience. (At least not sober… hey we all had pre-baby lives…)

And again, as usual, they invited us to come and partake in their fun activity with the little man!!

So the unique thing about the sandbar in Hawaii is that when you go out there you can literally just walk around. In the middle of the ocean. It’s so incredible!! And if you live on the island of Oahu then chances are you are friends with someone in the military. AND on this island, members of the military are able to rent these incredible pontoon boats from the Marine Corps Base after completing a one-day boating licensing course. The 10 passenger pontoon rents for $140 for 4 hours, $14 dollars per person is an AMAZING price for a priceless afternoon! Now¬†I can only assume that there are similar programs at other bases all over the country!! (You can check the boats on our base¬†out here.)

If you can find one in your area I¬†highly recommend you go¬†and here’s why:

  1. Outdoors‚Äď Again! Our main theme of the summer! It’s a great way to get the kids OUTSIDE.¬†And not¬†just outside, but outside on the water!! And one of the great parts of the¬†pontoon boats is that they have covered sections to help get the kids out of the sun for a bit so there isn’t a huge concern of them just baking in the sun for four hours if they aren’t up for it.
  2. It’s cheap! As I mentioned, $14 per person per 4-hour rental! That is amazing!! It’s less that plopping them in a seat at the movies!
  3. The pontoons are nice and big and can fit 10 people AS WELL as stand up paddle boards, food, AND beverages. And one of my favorite things is that they are nice, slow and safe. It makes it a wonderful day out on the water that will absolutely get some exercise for everyone!! Swimming, snorkeling, paddle boarding, even wind surfing! 
  4. And finally, it is LITERALLY fun for¬†all ages!¬†Teeny tiny babies like my bub,¬†all the way up to ‚Äúadults‚ÄĚ like me can take something away from this.¬†And let’s be¬†realistic who wouldn’t want to dip their feet in that crystal clear water!!

As a side note, SUNSCREEN!! Hats! Towels!! and lots and lots of water. And now I will leave you with an obscene amount of pictures!!! ūüôā




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