<span class="entry-title-primary">An Impromptu “Bring Daddy and Baby to Work” Day</span> <span class="entry-subtitle">HOW QUICKLY PLANS CHANGE WHEN TRYING TO EXCLUSIVELY BREASTFEED</span>
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As many of you out there know, when you are a working mom, trying to breastfeed is tough. Really, really tough. Actually one-of-the-toughest-things-I-have-ever-tried-to-do, tough.

And I am one of the lucky ones because I have a great support system at home.

Furthermore, I work from home most of the time.

AND I have a decent supply to work with.

However, there are a few things that definitely take a toll! And since World Breast Feeding Week is coming to an end I thought I would share them.

  1. Travel. During my first month back to work, it just so happened that I had to do a bit of traveling. Now it wasn’t anything crazy, just hoping over on 30 minutes flights to one of the other islands. I left in the mornings and I was home every night. BUT they were still very, very long days away from my baby. This alone puts a strain on the ease of breast feeding.
  2. Caregivers. Although I am working from home, I am still WORKING from home (this topic deserves and entire post on its own, but that is for another time.) That means, aside from feeding him, I do not get to take the time I would like to love on my little one. It ALSO means that there are other (wonderful) people helping to watch my son. And even though my house is like in the top 5 amazing places to be on the planet (haha) sometimes, people want to leave it. This requires them to bring milk for the little man, which, as a result requires me to pump extra. Pumping is hard.
  3. This brings me to that very point, pumping is hard. Pumping is stressful, and for some reason, it seems that there is never enough. There are some rockstar mommas out there who have an entire freezer full of milk all stored up and waiting. I, unfortunately, am not one of them. I am a kind of pump as you go type of lady. And it is not for lack of trying, that I promise you! It is just SO TIME CONSUMING. And believe it or not, I do have one or two things on my plate these days.
  4. And lastly, a child that eats more than I would have ever imagined he could!!! Seriously, the boy is a tank. An adorable, squishy, roly poly lovin’ tank. But a tank nonetheless! And keeping up with that appetite can get daunting!!

These things, on rare occasions, lead to panic filled moments questioning whether or not baby will have enough to eat as a result!

Yesterday was ABSOLUTELY one of those moments.

I had to go to the other side of the island yesterday¬†and¬†set up an event at the Four Seasons Ko’olina for work.

My plan was to try and pump the night before, in addition to pumping in the morning and feeding him right before I left.

Pumping at night produced very little, pumping in the morning produced even less, and he refused to eat before I was suppose to leave.

Feel free to panic now!!

HOWEVER, at this point my amazing husband stepped in and rallied and we turned it into an impromptu bring daddy and baby to work day!

He packed up the baby, packed up the car, and the boys came with me. They took a few rides and dropped into home depot, but mostly just hung out in the car in the air conditioning so I could run back and feed Reef when it was time. (Seriously, Botts was the hero of the day.)

Luckily what started out as a panic stricken morning, consequently ended up being a really great day. Having them onsite with me was really nice, as a result, they got to see the finished product of my hard work for the day! Furthermore, I got to sneak in as many cuddles as I could!!

And to top it all off! As we were leaving we ran into our beautiful friend Maria who got to squeeze Reef! ūüôā

Now, I know that we got lucky (actually I got lucky because my husband behaved in the most incredible manner) and this isn’t something that will always work itself out in this way. I also know that it might be time for us to start considering formula supplementing (just in case!).

And while that is pretty tough for me, I know that when you are trying to breastfeed plans change. Quickly.

But, bottom line,¬†as long as my little boy is happy and healthy, there really isn’t anything else that I can ask for. (If you are interested in supplementing, we did decide to go with the Enfamil for Supplementing Baby Formula.)

Now I will leave you with an obscene amount of adorable pictures I snapped from our impromptu bring daddy and baby to work day!

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