Harry Potter Pregnancy Announcement The Girl Who Must be Named

<span class="entry-title-primary">Harry Potter Pregnancy Announcement</span> <span class="entry-subtitle">The Girl Who Must be Named</span>

UPDATE: Thank you for viewing our Harry Potter Pregnancy Announcement! Our baby girl was born healthy and happy on April 1st 2017 and we couldn’t be more thrilled with out beautiful little family. Thank you for sharing in our joy!

I want to start by addressing those of you who have been kind enough to have followed my blog.

First and foremost, Thank You.

To anyone who has taken even a minute out of their day to read something I have written, it truly means more to me than you can know.

And it is to these people that I would like to offer a heartfelt apology.

I’m so sorry that over the last 2 months I have all but disappeared and left my blog to gather some dust.

BUT the great news is, tomorrow is one of my all time favorite holidays and I am shaking the dust off and officially getting the blog going again!

And what better way than to share Reef’s first real homemade Halloween costume! (I know, I know BB8 was adorable, but Nathan and I couldn’t help ourselves!)

Drumroll please!!!



I had so much fun making his little ears and it truly wasn’t very hard at all. (Which, of course, makes it all the better!! 🙂 )

While this little munchkin is as good a reason as any to come out of my little slump, I really wanted to also offer some form of an explanation as to my “disappearance” from blogging. (On top of sharing the little love of my life above in his Halloween best of course.)

Now, of course, I am very sad that I haven’t been able to dedicate as much attention to the blog as I was able to the first three months running. But to be completely honest, the reasons why are those which do not warrant an apology. The main three reasons are:

  1. I started back to work. Now it is true, I was working for a bit while keeping up with the blog. However, I also had help with Reef which made it much easier to maintain both. Now as many of you know, my job is incredibly important to me. And it requires a good amount of my attention in order for me to do it the way it deserves to be done. So focus on it I have.
  2. Now, if my job is important to me… then there really aren’t words to describe what my baby boy means to me. And Reef, as all babies do, has gotten older. And that of course means he has heightened needs. He requires more love, more food, more chatter and more mobility… all incredible things that astound me every single day and that I LOVE providing him. But also things that leave mommy with very little down time. (Let’s face it, none of us mommas would have it any other way.)
  3. …and last but certainly not least… the greatest of all our 3 bullet points…


I know what many of you are thinking… what in the!?

Yes, it was moderately unexpected. Yes it is moderately soon. And YES it is more than we could have ever imagined or hoped for.

Nathan, Reef and I are expecting a new addition to our little family. And we cannot wait until SHE gets here!

That’s right we are having a baby girl!!

She is due in April 2017 and Reef and his baby sister will be 13 months apart.

This means that I am currently about 4 1/2 months pregnant.

We decided to keep the information to close friends and family for quite a while due to certain circumstance and the fact that unfortunately I have been feeling utterly drained between the pregnancy, work, and my crawling baby boy bundle of joy!!

I have, however, finally begun to see the light at the end of that early pregnancy tunnel and with Halloween here we absolutely could not resist using this time to share our wonderful news with everyone!!

Some of you may have noticed the “Harry Potter” book in the above pictures was just a litttllleee bit different… Well without further ado, please join our little Dobby as we announce to the world the arrival of our little “girl who must be named!”

(We hate to make him share the spotlight on his first Halloween. BUT we think he was happy to do so 🙂 …And seriously picking one picture was absolutely impossible so please enjoy them all!!)

Harry Potter








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