Welcome to Week 4 of our Summer Activities List!!!

In case you missed our first three adventures, please check them out here:

  1. Aquarium
  2. Farmers Market
  3. Buddhist Temple

And for those of you just joining us… Summer is upon us! And as a former nanny and new mommy I know what an exciting, special and sometimes terrifying time this can be.

How in the world are you going to occupy your little ones for an entire summer??

And better yet, how are you going to do it without wanting to throw yourself on the ground and let out a cry that would rival only the most evil of children, Caillou. (I’m sorry but I know I’m not alone here, that kid is kind of the devil.)

Let’s face it, there are adult-summer-activities, and there are children’s-summer-activities.

But then, somewhere in a Magical-World-of-Harry Potter-esque middle ground, there are a group of activities that both you AND your little ones will love to do. And I’m here to help you find them!! So I will post 1 activity per week in this little segment, to run through-out the summer.

And just like that we are a month into our journey and onto our fourth weekly activity!

This week is something that is incredibly fun and incredibly unique!!! The only concern that I can foresee would finding a participating organization in your area. But that is something we will have to delve into a little further on!



Last weekend Brad, Victoria, Reef and myself took the moderately long journey out to the North Shore. (It takes about an hour to get there but for some reason when you live on an island that seems like days away!)

In Hawaii we have the Hawaii Polo Club. They hold Polo Matches there every Sunday from April through September.

Established in 1963, the world-renowned Hawaii Polo Club, located in Mokuleia on the pristine North Shore, has provided a unique and exceptional venue for the game of kings to share the passion and lifestyle of the sport of polo, both on and off the field.

The club attracts both national and international spectators with a wide range of demographics to watch elite professional polo players competing for the prestigious tournaments that are exclusive to the Hawaii Polo Club.

Gates open at 11am. Come early to grab the best tailgating spots. For a refined afternoon, clubhouse seating is available for purchase both online and at the gate. Games start at 2pm, the band starts around 5pm and the entertainment goes on until sundown!

Brad and Victoria again introduced me to a brand new activity that is so prevalent on this island, but something that I decided not to pay any attention to.

Until now!

And again, as usual, they invited me to come and partake in their summer sunday activity with the little man!!  I’m not going to lie but we are incredibly lucky to find  people willing to share these experiences with us.


We had SO MUCH FUN. Again, I’m not entirely sure on the numbers here, but I have to assume that is we have polo here in Hawaii, it’s pretty likely that it is in many places across the country. Give a gander here to see if you can find a match in your area.

If you CAN I highly recommend you go and here’s why:

  1. Outdoors– It’s a great way to get the kids OUTSIDE. What you generally do is show up pick a spot on the side of the field and set up camp. Most people put up some kind of coverage (an easy up for example, you can get one here for relatively cheap and they really are an amazing and quick option to get some shade on the little ones). They bring beach chairs (this chair is literally my favorite thing ever, it’s small and lightweight, but weirdly comfortable!), and bbq’s (this grill has been a life saver for us because it is so small it fits in the back of the car and we have it on hand when we need it!. Coolers and drinks. (My husband bought this cooler offline a few weeks ago for our camping trip and I thought he was NUTS, but it turned out we really did use it and I had to pull my foot out of my mouth on that one.) Basically, they really make a day of it!! And prior to the match the kids can just run around and have fun! Now if you have kids that are a little more… free spirited… than others 😉 and might not listen as well as you pray that they would, you might want to consider the safety issue. Our field does not have a fence, so if a little one should run out onto it during the match there is a chance they could get injured. These animals are huge and powerful! And that’s my little disclaimer. 🙂
  2. Its cheap!  Since you can bring all of the above mentioned things yourself, it really cuts down on the cost for these events. When you don’t have to pay 37 dollars for a beer the price tag really isn’t very much!
  3. They are educational. Might as well sneak that in there too! Sometimes in today’s world I think many of our kids are growing up disconnected from animals in general. While they are playing this sport, I still feel it is very nice for kids to see these horses up close and personal. They take rides around the edge of the field between matches so the kids can get a real great look at them. It also teaches them about sportsmanship. Not to mention I felt incredibly pleased to note that the horses were switched out every 7 minutes!!! To ensure that they were not overworked.
  4. And finally it is LITERALLY fun for all ages! Teeny tiny babies like my bub, all the way up to “adults” like me can take something away from this. It is a nice way to get outside, it is a fun sport to watch and at the end of the  day they even have a concert. It really is pretty incredible!

(As a side note, if you do not have a tent of some kind I definitely recommend a hat and sunscreen because it is definitely a long day)

Now I will leave you with an obscene amount of pictures from our INCREDIBLE afternoon at the Hawaii Polo Club on the North Shore. (And just in case you are wondering where I got that incredible bag, it is a Beachmate and I will be telling you all about it on Monday, AND about your chance to win one!!)


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  1. I’ve never been to a polo game! I’ve always been slightly afraid of horses haha! This looks awesome, though…such a great idea! We live right next to a university and they always have sports practices…I need to walk down the road and watch some practices, even just to entertain Tera! Haha!

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