Mystic Aquarium Family Activities in Connecticut

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Aloha and welcome to another great Family Activity!

For those of you just joining us, this is a little series we started to help share the best activities to do with your kids on Oahu. (And occasionally other parts of the country as well!)

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Because let’s face it! Whether you are on vacation, or just stuck at home, sometimes finding things to do with your kids can be tough… and NECESSARY!!

I’ve also found, many times you can find adult only activities, and there are often kid-friendly activities that are a bore for mom and dad.

But then, somewhere in a Magical-World-of-Harry Potter-esque middle ground, there are a group of activities that both you AND your little ones will love to do. And I’m here to help you find them!! So I will be continuously sharing fun activities to do with the whole family here in Hawaii! (And since we often travel to Michigan and Connecticut, we will have special features for both of those locations as well… and today is one of those special features!!)


While Reef and I were in Connecticut last month we were lucky enough to be able to go to the Mystic Aquarium with Grandma and one of my absolute best friends in the entire world Chyloe. (Our friendship is a totally crazy story, we met in California, ended up living together in Hawaii, and now she is living in my home state of Connecticut with her 3, very soon to be 4! beautiful children and her husband Matt, whom happens to be a pretty stand up individual if I do say so myself… but moving on)


Now some of the great things about the aquarium include, but are not limited to:

  1. Air Conditioning – It’s a hot day, you want a cool place. While most aquariums do have some outside exhibits, I can just about guarantee you there are plenty of dark, cool, neon-lit areas for you and the little ones to explore that are a cool crisp temperature. 
  2. There are plenty of them! I’m sure many people don’t even know that there is an aquarium within driving distance of them. And even if it’s a bit of a drive, that makes more of a day of it. Pack a picnic lunch, stop somewhere neat to eat on the way, the internet is at your disposal!! There are over a hundred Aquariums in the United States! You can look for one closest to you right here.
  3. They are educational. Might as well sneak that in there too! There is such a serious importance in teaching our children about our oceans and all of the amazing creatures that live within them. They are the next generation, and we need them to help protect the oceans in order to keep this planet a-turnin’. If they start life with an early appreciation for what makes up 70% of this planet, it will help to ensure that they continue to grow with that appreciation. (I clearly have a soft spot for unda’ da’ sea… I did name my  son Reef after all)
  4. And finally, it is LITERALLY fun for all ages. Teeny tiny babies like my bub, all the way up to “adults” like me enjoy the aquarium. There is just something about watching this incredible colorful world under the surface that most people never get to experience that just draws everyone in. And yes, it is absolutely magical!

Now I will leave you with just a few pictures from our INCREDIBLE day at the aquarium. (We didn’t take a lot because we were so busy having fun! Seriously, I had a conversation with a Beluga Whale and we became best friends… it was PERFECTION.)


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