Carrying Her Stilettos – The Reality of the Corporate Mom

Carrying Her Stilettos – The Reality of the Corporate Mom

I realized something today. I have become her. The woman who wears flip flops into the office. The one who carries her stilettos in her bag. The Corporate mom.

Corporate Mom

I know that might not seem like anything too interesting to most people, but it really got me thinking. It is truly amazing how quickly life changes, but sort of ends up the same.

During high school I was the girl who wore pajamas to class. It wasn’t exactly that I didn’t care about my appearance, as my mother sometimes suggested…

It was, as I told her, simply that,

“these people have all known me my entire life, they either like me, or they don’t.”

And I meant it.

When you grow up in a fairly small town, you end up pretty much knowing everybody you go to school with. And you have a pretty good idea of who your friends are by the time high school rolls around.

At the time, “fancy” clothes just seemed like a costume to try and get people to like me.

And truth be told, I kind of didn’t care.

Now don’t get me wrong, there were definitely times where I got to borrow some of the gorgeous attire of my wonderful friend who lived down the street. During those times it felt nice to look nice. But it really wasn’t an every day occurrence for me.

I actually didn’t learn to enjoy clothes the way I do now until after college. But even then, I was never one to pay an excessive price for something that I was going to be wearing.

I’ve always loved bargain-hunting, thrift stores, consignment shops, etc.

The thrill of finding something beautiful, that has a monetary value that won’t make me regret buying it, in my opinion, is one of the best parts of shopping.

And it is no secret that my weakness is, without a doubt, shoes.

All kinds of shoes.

Flats, wedges, pumps, boots, stilettos, booties, sandals, rain boots!

When it comes to shoes I don’t discriminate, I love them all equally.

In fact, my love for shoes was so irrational at times, that I have even bought shoes that OBVIOUSLY didn’t fit me, just because I couldn’t imagine my life without them. (Ridiculous, yes. True, yes.)

They could be too small and I would squeeze my feet painfully into them until I was almost in tears by the end of the night.

Or they could be too big, slipping off at every other step and causing me to usually trip.

This became especially dangerous after a few cocktails…

However, I loved them,  I had them, and I was going to wear them no matter what!

As I grew to appreciate clothing more, I also began to realize that the way you dress does in fact portray an image of yourself to others.

As you age, the clothes that you wear help people to understand a little bit about who you are.

In certain situations (such as job interviews) this obviously became extremely important.

I realized that if I wanted people to take me seriously in my new careers, I had to dress in a manner that showed them that I am a mature person, who has a relatively “good” sense of style, and deserves respect.

It was at this point in my life the I realized I wasn’t playing dress-up anymore.

And I think for the most part, I accomplished what I set out to with my wardrobe, even with a couple pairs of sparkling gold Stilettos thrown in the mix. 🙂

I had learned how to find clothes that I loved, could afford,  looked good, and still portrayed my personality in a mature and respectable way.

Determined to look my best in all of my favorite shoes every single day, I was becoming a corporate woman.

Today as I walked into the office wearing a simple pair of flip-flops and carrying my beautiful seafoam green stilettos with the golden heal accent I realized, I’ve changed once again.

Growing up, I remember corporate women  (my mom and stepmom for example) who would wear sneakers to work and bring their heels with them.

I always thought this was the weirdest thing.

Creating more work for themselves, why would they not just wear the shoes that they wanted from the get-go. It was something I couldn’t understand.

Well I can now confidently say… I get it.

I am that woman.

The corporate woman who can’t just wear my heals from the get-go.

The one who is always running late in the morning causing me to perpetually rush around.

Running up the stairs trying to get clothes on the baby.

Running out the door to the car only to realize I forgot something and running back in the house.

Then running back out to the car only to realize I have forgotten something again and running back into the house.

I am the corporate woman who is circling the neighborhood around the office 50 times trying to find a parking spot.

The one who walks from a parking spot a mile away… Because I am late… Because I had to keep running back into the house…

I am the corporate woman who has a pair of house slippers hiding under her desk so she can take her heels off every time she sits down because her feet are KILLING her.

The one who can’t possibly imagine keeping those beautiful shoes on for a second longer after leaving the office.

And I am the corporate woman who now has a love greater than any pair of shoes.

Because now I am the corporate woman who is a corporate mom.

Now please don’t misconstrue the situation.

I still love them. I love those shoes with all my heart and I will probably still buy them. Even if I don’t always wear them…

But now, I’m ok not wearing them because I have sore feet from walking around all night caring my babies if they are having a tough time falling asleep in a thunderstorm.

I’m OK rushing to get out the door because they needed to nurse a little bit longer that morning.

I’m happy to run back into the house to make sure I have absolutely everything I need so I can pump and give my daughter the best possible food for her that I can.

And I’m OK walking a mile from my parking space in my flip flops because I was giving my babies just a couple more cuddles before I left.

Bottom line,  I may be the woman who carries her stilettos into work.

But I wouldn’t trade the reason why for all of the shoes in the entire world.




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