Beyond the Beachmate!

Beyond the Beachmate!

Beach Sunset

I am a fan of many things in this life. One, is definitely the word mate (seriously, I love Crocodile Dundee for this very reason.) But aside from that, one of the absolute highest on the list of things I love, is the beach.

Next on the list would be stuff… I LOVE stuff.

But not in an, “I need to own the most expensive of everything” kind of way.

More like a, “hey that could really be useful, I better bring that JUST IN CASE” kind of way.  (Seriously ¾ of my day is spent thinking, “well I better bring it just in case…insert insane scenario here”. And you truly would not believe the scenarios that run through my head, OR the amount of stuff that gets lugged around with us. Ok to be fair my husband lugs it around mostly, but I feel really very badly about it…)

ANYWAYS my point is… when it comes to finding any kind of vessel that can lug around all of the “NECCESITIES” that I absolutely must have with me on a journey to the beach (or wherever else the day might take us, “just in case”!!)… well let’s just say it’s been a pretty tall order to fill.

Until a few weeks ago that is.

Over 4th of July weekend, we took Reef camping at the beach for the very first time. It ended up completely exceeding all of my expectations! We had a large group of friends and their kids join us as well.

It was so much fun, s’mores, bonfires, sunsets on the beach. The kids played, the parents fished and had a couple beers… seriously just perfect.

And the lovely little cherry on top of this perfect trip? I have literally found the holy grail of beach bags and I am NEVER going back.

(By back I mean, back to having my husband lugging around 37 different bags just for a trip to the beach.)

The bag I’m referring to is called The Beachmate, and for someone who is perpetually disorganized (ask my husband, he’s also the one who cleans out the diaper bag… sorry hunny…) it is the perfect way to finally force some organization into my outings.

It carries everything. But not only does it carry everything, it does so with ease.

First thing’s first, it comes with a great little cooler that is just the right size for a day outing. We packed ours with some drinks, sandwiches, snacks, etc. It all fit really nicely and the cooler itself is removable.

It also comes with these great little plastic “sections” to organize everything. This is one of my favorite parts because I can put diaper stuff in one section, clean clothes in another, bathing suit/rash guard/hats in another, sunscreen in the next… you get the idea.

BUT, and this is really the kicker, all 4 of the sections come out of the bag and reveal themselves to double as toys!! They are sand buckets in 2 different sizes. (It is honestly the coolest thing). Also, on the back of the bag you will find, conveniently clipped I may add, two larger blue sand shovels.

Finally, it is all stored ever-so-comfortably into the tote bag itself. Which has a shoulder strap and houses multiple pockets and zippers for anything from your sunglasses to your keys. They will even personalize it with your family name, which really makes it all the more special in my opinion. (I don’t know about you but I still get a little rush of happiness when I see Botts Family on basically anything… probably because we haven’t been married that long… 😉 )

I also received 2 of their gorgeous Turkish towels which fit inside the bag perfectly and are SO soft and comfortable.

It turned out to be one of the best things we brought with us (and you can imagine we brought quite a bit… I mean there are literally millions of things that could happen on a 3-day camping trip…)

All of the kids ended up playing with the buckets and shovels, even over their own toys, which made me so happy since Reef is still a little bit young for the sand toys just yet.

My husband, however, is not, and decided he wanted to dig many a hole (I’m so proud 😉 )

Now the one complaint that was mentioned, actually by my husband, was that the shovels seemed like they weren’t completely sturdy… to which I replied that’s weird they seemed really great to me.

His response, “Well I went to stand on the back end of it to dig way down into the deeper hard sand and it seemed like it might have broken if I put all my weight on it”

If I could insert the large-eyed-WTH-are-you-talking-about emoji here, I would.

I then informed my husband that it was in fact a children’s sand shovel (not exactly commercial grade). AND it probably wasn’t rated for a 6’6”, 260lb man to stand on and dig a ditch with. Not to mention, anything more heavy duty would pose a safety threat for younger children.

In the end, he agreed the quality was far superior to any other sand toy we had ever seen.

AND in case you are wondering, the Beachmate System is also pretty awesome for places other than the beach.

Last weekend Brad, Victoria, Reef and I went to the North Shore for a Polo Match (seriously cool and I highly recommend it to anyone on the island.) and I brought the Beachmate with us there as well!

For this little adventure I just packed everything up in each of the little bucket containers. And when we arrived, it was wonderful to pull each of them out and have everything set up and organized! Definitely not something I am use to, but I could certainly grow accustomed. I even used the Turkish towels to rig up a little tent for Reef since we forgot his! (See, It honest to goodness solves all problems )

Bottom line, this bag is incredibly practical, the quality is awesome and it truly gets the job done. Both at the beach and beyond, two thumbs way up here.

Beach Mate

And since this bag is something I think every momma needs, I am teaming up with Beachmate to offer one lucky reader the chance to win one!!

The contest rules are very simple, please just follow and like both the Instagram and Facebook account of Beachmate, follow my Instagram and one lucky winner be selected at random. (Please ensure that you like/follow both social media accounts first for a valid entry)

And for an extra entry please comment below!!



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